We explain what it means cringe, the meanings of the word in English and how it is used today on the internet. Also, what is comedy? cringe.

Something is cringe when it produces deep displeasure, shame or discomfort.

What does it mean cringe?

The term cringe (pronounced krinsh) is an anglicism typical of the jargon of the internet and social networks, spaces where It is used as a synonym for “grima” or “other people’s shame”.

Like many other barbarisms and anglicisms present in the speech of Internet users, this term is not included in the dictionaries of the Spanish language since it is considered unnecessary, as there are perfectly equivalent alternatives in Spanish. For this reason, whenever it is written in a formal context it should be done in italics or italics.

In the Anglo-Saxon language, the word cringe has different formal meanings:

  • Shrinking, making oneself small, either out of fear or servility.
  • Behaving in an excessively submissive and humiliating way.
  • Shrinking muscles as an involuntary reaction to an unpleasant or painful stimulus.
  • Disgust.

The use of the term that is imposed on social networks has to do with this last meaning: the idea that something causes deep displeasure, shame or discomfort, especially if it is something created by third parties. For example: “That episode of the series gave me a lot of cringe” or even “Jerónimo dresses too much cringe”. In other cases, the term can give rise to verbs and derived expressions, such as cringe.

Although these terms are commonly used among users of social networks, it is important to remember that their meaning is perfectly comparable to that of “grima”, “embarrassment” or “discomfort”.

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Comedy cringe

In the field of television, especially in the United States, the term is used cringe comedy (“comedy cringe”) for those cinematographic productions that seek to produce in the viewer a double sensation of hilarity and discomfort, that is, an uncomfortable comedy or black comedy. Examples of this type of television shows are the series The office (2005) or Curb your enthusiasm (2000).

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